Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back Pats and Brag's !!

Okay, so I don't know about you - but sometimes I find I'm the only person who will acknowledge a job well done on my part - so ya, I'm gonna pat myself on the back today.  I must admit,. I've been really lax on my flylady babysteps,.. I know, I know - but I'm not giving up  and even redeemed myself today by catching the cleaning bug and getting in that dreaded room - MY ROOM! lol.  We've got a fairly small master bedroom - but boy does stuff sure pile up in there, and I hate going thru it all once its built up.  My biggest struggle is laundry; there's just too much!!  Clothes to put in drawers, hang up in closets, put away for the season, too big, too small, donate, consign - ugh!!  Then there's always - stuff.  Pens, hair clips, cords that you're not sure what they go to but don't want to throw away, puzzle pieces, etc (always the etc.)  So most the time, even when I want to clean up, I manage to talk myself out've it bc I don't want to take on that stuff, those clothes, but today I did!! 
I started out by putting clean sheets on my bed; doesn't that make everyone feel better?  I love laying down on freshly laundered sheets.  Then I straightened my comforter out over the bed - now I've got my work surface, lol.  Here come the separated, folded piles of clean clothes that have been waiting a while to be put up; tshirts, pants & shorts, nightgowns, tank tops, and a pile of 'other'; this usually consists of the kids clothes that have some way made it into our room or outve season clothes.  Then a pile for clothes to donate, and a pile of things like pantyhose, tights, scarves, gloves, etc.  (Always the etc)  What was left on the floor was quite a heft load of dirty clothes, that took some serious weight out the room,. lol.  I had to empty our tiny wastebasket twice but I got all the random scraps of paper, price tags, receipts we don't need, even the occasional snack size chips bag.  I filled one big bag of winter clothes, one big bag of clothes to give away on craigslist, and two big bags to give to goodwill.  So four big bags of clothes were scattered about the room waiting for a place to be put up!  So voila! Clean room, and it only took a few hours that honestly flew buy while I listened to some old school R&B.  (didn't realize how much I missed New Edition and Mint Condition, lol)  I even did my one load for the day to keep the C.H.A.O.S away!! 
Sometimes, even baby steps can be too much for some of us to take, but we gotta do what we can, when we can, and remember to pat ourselves on the back when we do!!  (we beat ourselves up enough - no more!)

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  1. I laughed when you said chip bags because my hubby is notoriously awful about leaving chip bags and such in random spots. Laundry is so hard when every day equals a load of clothes. I'm working on getting my pile done, too. I blog about my method soon.